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Our list of suggested services and packages are designed to address the most common computer problems. These services and packages are offered at special prices to save you even more.

Service Care Packages

Computer Backup Service for $49.00

We'll back up all your important documents, pictures, music, and email data to your local backup medium. We can also setup a daily backup schedule to make sure that all your data is backed up.

Service includes:

PC Diagnostics Service for $39.00

We will identify problem areas and the causes to common symptoms, and then recommend the right solution for you.

Service includes:

PC Tune-up Service for $89.00

This comprehensive remote service optimizes your PC, and helps keep your system running at peak performance.

Service includes:

Spyware, Crimeware, Virus Removal Service for $69.00

Some of the biggest threats to a computer systems are security breaches and system failures due to spyware and viruses. These problems can quickly lead to loss of critical data and dramatically impact your systems performance.

Service includes:

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