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Remote Support

System Requirements:

Operating System:
Windows® XP, Server 2003, Vista or later; or Mac OS® X 10.4 or later (no other operating systems are supported at this time)

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer®, Netscape® Navigator 4.0 or later, Mozilla® Firefox® 1.0 or later or Safari™ 1.3 or later.

Internet Connection:
A stable 56k or better Internet connection (DSL/Cable recommended).

Very PC Computer Services can provide real-time support to get you out of a jam quickly and easily.  Our remote support software,with your permission, allows us to enter and control your Windows or Mac-based computer from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Very PC Computer Services guarantees reliability, security, and privacy for you. All data exchanged between the session participants is encrypted with industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

All requests to remotely view or control your machine require permission from you. You have the ability to observe the operations as they are being performed on your computer so you can manage the situation in real time and terminate the session at any point.

Remote Support Rates

Standard hourly rate is $55.00 per hour, or choose one of our pre-configured

Service Care Packages.

Very PC Computer Services remote support sessions are always confidential and secure.

When your technician instructs you, Click on the icon below or go to to start your remote support session.

Contact us to setup a Remote Support session.

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