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Residential Rates

Standard hourly rates are $65.00 per hour. Or, if you prefer, choose one of our package deals by visiting our Service Care Packages page
"I have used Very PC on numerous occasions, from fixing a problem with a program and updating software, to cleaning out viruses from my computer. I received excellent personal service, the technician (Kib) was very helpful, trustworthy, efficient and thorough. I did not have to leave the house or have my computer sent away to have my problems fixed, they were being fixed right in front of me! I am a full time student that cannot afford to lose any valuable time on my computer. This service (Remote Support) allowed me to be up and running without missing any work or assignments!

I would recommend this wonderful service to anyone who has a computer!"

Caryn ONeill
College Student, Valencia CA

Very PC Computer Services provides expert and very affordable PC and Mac computer care for our residential customers. We offer a complete range of computer care services, as well as flexible service care packages that are designed to save you money.

Computer Repair and Upgrades

Whether you’re updating your computer hardware or software, we can help. We can handle any computer problems you may have from systems not booting up - to system lockups - to software incompatibility issues.

Comprehensive Anti Virus, Spyware, Malware, Crimeware Removal and Protection

If your PC is sick, let us be the cure with the Very PC Computer Services Virus & Spy-Sweep service. We will analyze your existing anti-virus/spyware/anti-malware software on your computer and, either use your existing software to resolve any issues that may appear, or make recommendations. We'll provide needed software and perform a complete system scan for any viruses, spyware and other malicious software found on your computer. Should anything be found, we'll remove it. We also offer training on how to protect your computer and your personal information while online.   [Back to List]

Remote Support

As long as you're connected to the Internet, we can securely connect to your machine and quickly diagnose and make repairs, or simply check the condition of your PC. Since this option is the easiest and most efficient, it is also the most cost-effective. In most cases a solution can be found within an hour, so you pay much less.  

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Internet and Web Services

We offer a full range of Internet and Web services, from Domain main name registration and web site hosting, to personal email packages. We can help you create a personalized website and email account so your family can stay in touch, whether they're around town, or around the world. Ask us about setting you and your family up with your very own website and personal email account.  You can also visit our hosting site at [Back to List]

Data Backup and Recovery

There are hundreds of ways to back up your data, but some of them are better than the others. We can help find the one that's best for you, and set up a system to regularly back up your data.   [Back to List]

Service Care Packages

We've bundled the most common services to help save you money. Instead of paying the hourly rate for routine services, take advantage of the savings you'll find when you use a Service Care Package that's specifically tailored for your computer system's needs. See our Service Care Package page for details.   [Back to List]

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Our computer and network services are not only affordably priced, but easily tailored to fit your wallet and system requirements. We offer hourly rates, monthly maintenance plans, as well as flat fees for specific services. Most importantly, your complete satisfaction with our services is extremely important to us, so we guarantee all our work.